Conflict Minerals Policy

   Conflict minerals: minerals obtained from illegal exploitation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its
   neighboring countries. Related minerals include gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), and tungsten (W) (3TG).
   Through illegal mineral trading, it has become a source of income for local armed insurgent groups, and
   companies that manufacture, sell, or produce goods use the four metals, while also helping the warlords gain
   access to the benefits through abuse of the people.

   SANOC guarantees that all of the parts, components, materials and products supplied by our company with the
   "Conflict Minerals Policy". Furthermore, SANOC demand all SANOC suppliers to investigate their mineral sources
   to avoid using such conflict minerals, including gold, tantalum, tin, tungsten, etc. Suppliers are required to follow
   this practice to fulfill the basic corporate social responsibilities with SANOC.